Queen Morningstar
Successful Clip Artist, Dominatrix, cultivator of tease and temptation, Sissy Fairy God Mother.

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Do you dare play?

Queen Morningstar is a devious and powerful female dominant, capable of taking you to places and depths you never thought imaginable. Available for both in person and online sessions, there truly is no escape for you... dare you play?

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Adoring praise from my hypnotised drones...

Don’t just sit there dreaming about what *could happen* contact the Queen... you won’t regret it and you have nothing to lose... ish...

~ Anonymous Sub

Equal measures beauty AND beast... and by that I mean, she BEASTS you. Devours you like a little lamb to the slaughter. And OH!!!!! That evil laughter the erupts from her lips when she does so. Unforgettable.

~ DeviousD

Every time I session with the Goddess she takes me deeper into thoughts and feelings I never thought imaginable. She knows how to unlock my soul...

~ Bb-good-boy
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Queen Morningstar

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Queen Morningstar
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