Everything you need to know about Blackmail

For Those Nagging Little Anxieties

About Blackmail

Blackmail is just as much beautiful as it is terrifying. I understand that it is a misunderstood kink – a frightening fear-inducing word. A word that sends shivers down your spine and instantly makes you want to run and hide. I imagine you’re thinking, why would anyone gain beauty or joy from such a terrifying repulsive game of such high risks? Well, if you have an erotic blackmail fetish then it is that very fear that you desire. That fear sets your soul on fire and makes you feel alive. The fear can motivate and focus you. It can be used to harness good within you whilst satisfying an unquenchable desire that resides within you.

You see, to those who do not hold such a fetish will find it difficult to comprehend that erotic blackmail can and is a beautiful tool for total power exchange. It can be harnessed to push you deeper into submission, to allow you to give up that stubborn reservation that hinders you from living out your desires and dreams. When blackmail is done with a loving but stern hand it can build you into a better person and better submissive all round.

The Blackmail Process and Options

So, the blackmail process is simple and easy to start at any point and at any time, regardless of where you are in the world, you can get that rush of fear pulsating through your body immediately by submitting information for my beautiful big brown eyes to see via the blackmail form.

You can cleanse your soul by confessing all of your desires and sins to me and even provide exposing images of yourself to me.

You will be taken to a separate page whereby you will need to pay a small tribute for your form to be submitted and reviewed by me. You MUST pay this small tribute not only to show your seriousness but as a form of informed consent. By paying this initial tribute you have consented to erotic blackmail by my fine hand. If you do not pay this tribute for my time, your form will simply vanish and essentially you will be wasting your own time by filling out forms that never see the light of day let alone my divine face.

So, once you have filled in the form and consented to blackmail by the form of tribute the fun and games start. I will email you first and ask you your experience, hard limits and intents are for the blackmail fetish.

Once we have discussed, I will ask you to sign a blackmail contract giving consideration to the points we have discussed in this prior email. Once this is signed you are duty-bound either till the time is up or you pay the “get out” fee.

Upon return of the contract, I will start the part that I absolutely adore – the hunt. With limited information, I can track and trace you down. The suffocating loss of control will spiral very quickly consuming you and emboiling you into my web. Many struggle at this point but its always best to give in and give me what I desire – obedience! There’s no escape once you’re in, running and hiding will not help you. If you try to defy me, there will be consequences, firstly, I’ll screw you over with the information I hold and then I’ll put you on the wall of exposure and shame for all to see.

So, going back to the beauty of blackmail for those who obey and embrace their true desires. Blackmail is the bondage of the mind, it can render you helpless. With helplessness, I, with my divine knowledge and hand can remould you. Removing poor habits, traits and behaviours. A blackmail contract can be used to motivate and help you achieve your goals. Many come to me for that very reason.

So, here’s a little breakdown of erotic blackmail levels and options & their risks.

Short Term Blackmail: HIGHEST RISK

Short term blackmail can range from a week to a few days. It’s for those who desire self-destruction and an intense rush of consuming fear. It’s high risk because there are high demands. Each day, I will push you. I will ask you to do more and more. Forcing you outside of your conform zone and pushing you deeper into sin. At the end of the specified time, providing you pay the closure fee, I will delete all held information and evidence about you. Although, those who like it hard and fast always return to go deeper and deeper over and over again, just like a moth to a flame.

Goal-Based Blackmail: Medium Risk

This is used for subs who either struggle with their pretends alpha egos or their laziness. The thing about blackmail is when you know that someone has you truly bent over a barrel and you have no option but to follow their demands, you can achieve amazing things. Do you need to lose weight? I’ll beat that ass, make you eat clean and exercise until you have reached your goal. Do you want to be forced into sissification? I’ll force that male ego out of you and have you mincing around wearing pink panties in no time.

As always the goal will be discussed and set. A time frame will be allocated and set out in the contract.

Suffocating Long Term Blackmail: Very High Risk

You’re needy or lazy and require me to watch in on your every move and thought. I will control every aspect of your life. From what you eat to how long you sleep and exercise. I will monitor what you do and where you go. You see, we live on our phones, don’t we? I have specialist software that enables me to track you in real-time via GPS, what and limit which apps websites you spend time on. Look into your personal life being able to listen in to your personal calls, messages and emails. This is for the brave-hearted subs who crave total power exchange and control.

Debt Contract

Many crave to be held captive to a debt contract. When there’s a consequence if they do not keep up to their scheduled payments. The consequence isn’t just inflation but a whole load of dirt held over your head and tugged from time to time.

You might be thinking, why would anyone want to be held captive to a debt contract. Well, there are many reasons. Maybe you’re a pathetic cuck and your money would be better spent on growing a hot domme whilst gaining a few scraps of attention from a girl that wouldn’t otherwise even throw you a single glance.

Maybe, you see a debt contract like many do – as a balancing act. Many struggle with the guilt of their secret BDSM lives and see debt contacts not only as a balancing act and a punishment that weights out the things they do and perceive as wrong but its an outlet to confess those words and sins to someone who understands and hold no judgement over the acts you have been participating in.

The Blackmail Process and Options

Q. Will you financially ruin me?

I will take your pension. I will take every penny of your monthly pay. I will take your savings. I will take everything if you allow me to. That is why I ask at the start of any blackmail journey your hard limits. If you are stupid enough not to provide me with a monetary figure which you can not go above each month, I’ll take it all. I suggest you use this opportunity wisely.

Q. If I enter into blackmail and I wish to leave, can I?

Of course, you can leave. This is why there is a “get out” fee within your contract. All you have to do is pay the fee and follow the directives within your contract.

Q. What will happen if I decide to ignore you after I have entered a blackmail contract?

I will have hunted you down and will know much more information about you that you know I have. I am very skilled at research and tracking. I hold many systems and software that aid me with this. Basically, if you try to run and hide, I will come down on you with an iron fist, screwing you over in every angle of your life. No mercy is ever granted for time-wasting, disrespectful idiots who think that they can outsmart me. I will ruin you and have a great time doing so. I will then put you on the exposure wall of shame.

Q. I want to leave but I can’t afford the “get out” fee. What can I do?

I understand that situations change. Financial, health, relationship, every aspect of our lives are susceptible to change. I am understanding of this and the best thing you can do is come and speak candidly to me. I will help you. I will help you to put your BDSM life on hold till such a time you can return. Even if you can’t afford the get-out fee, I will help you to come to an arrangement. I’m a very good financial advisor.

Q. Will you actually expose me if I mess you around?

Of course, I will, without a single hesitation!

If you sign up to a contract with me and then I have invested much time in you. I will see any attempt to run and hide from me as a direct sign of disrespect. You will, in essence, make yourself an enemy.

Q. I’m worried about spiralling costs. What if I can’t afford to play with you?

We will discuss your limits at the onset. If your circumstances change, tell me. The contract will mirror your budget. The costs will not spiral unless you fail to keep to payment, if you do not pay on time, interest will, of course, be added.

Q. I bet you can’t blackmail me?

You’re right. I won’t waste any of my precious time blackmailing idiots who come to me pretending to be a challenge without a tribute in hand.

Q. I’m frightened to submit the form but find myself continually gravitating towards it.

He who stands outside the barbershop long enough will eventually get a hair cut.

It’s your fate hunny. The longer you look, the more you allow that fear to draw you back to the form, the closer and more enslaved you will become. Just fill it in, tribute and submit to me already.

Q. I want to session with you but I’m scared because you specialise in erotic blackmail. Will you blackmail me if I don’t want it?

One million percent, NO! I do not engage in erotic blackmail with anyone who hasn’t asked for it, consented to it and paid a tribute to play with me for that specified reason. Whilst I do possess a hunger for erotic blackmail victims, there are plenty of willing victims to quench my thirst for it. It’s not my style to blackmail anyone who doesn’t also hold the fetish.