About QM

An introduction

Find out what makes me tick, and how I make you tick...


Noun: A planet currently known as Venus. The planet of ultimate femininity, divine female power and superior seduction over the male species. Queen of the Underworld. Controller of corruption, sin and all things taboo.

Welcome to the alluring world of Queen Morningstar. One toe in and you’ll be submerged deeply in temptation, addiction and sin, tasting your every desire. Just take a glance around and you’ll see.

After looking around the site, fixating on every page, every image, every word written you’ll be hungry to see more; luckily for you, you can. You can find Queen Morningstar on Twitter @QueenMorningst. Or, subscribe to her fan club AVN https://stars.avn.com/queenmorningstar.

Or, obsess over her clips, growing you addiction for her and devotion to her www.IWantQueenMorningstar.com.

Should you be lucky enough, you may be granted either real time sessions or online contact with Queen Morningstar. If you find yourself in such a golden position, you should always refer to her as either Goddess or Queen. Conduct yourself politely and serve to your best ability. Queen Morningstar always commands the very best from her subjects. 

Kinks and speciality. 

Queen Morningstar has many kinks although she is an intelligent and psychological dominatrix. Everything she does, regardless as to if it’s slave training to intox, she will do so from a psychological stance. Examining every subject, plotting, planning and studying each and every pet. Queen Morningstar is highly skilled within the science and arts of hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). She holds the highest level of education in both and incorporates these skills into domination, something of which makes her power extend far with her fine-tuned skills in mental domination, knowing no bounds or limitations. 

Having studied to degree level for many years and a love of psychology, Queen Morningstar has a natural taste for erotic blackmail. Her years of study allowed for her to master the skills of research thus making hunting the trickiest of pets and easy feat for her. Paired with her extensive study of blackmail fantasy fetishists, she knows exactly what to say and how to take over full power and control once you’ve been entwined within her web.

Power, control and guidance is what drives and motivates Queen Morningstar in every aspect of her play. Regardless as to whether you’re a novice or veteran slave, you will be trained to serve Queen Morningstar in the way she desires for you to do so.

Other areas of play Queen Morningstar enjoys and specialises in are but not limited to:
  • Sissification
    Smoking fetish
    Corporal punishment
    Slave training
    Financial domination
    Key Holding
    Fantasy and Roleplay (always within the dominant position)
    Coerced intoxication
    Erotic hypnosis
    Hypnotherapy of every kind.


  • Scat
    Anything else that Queen Morningstar decides on the day. 

*Note: Queen Morningstar is a Dominatrix and does not provide ANY form of sexual services! She is the forbidden fruit. Many desire her but none are worthy.