Welcome to the elite world of Queen Morningstar. A professional dominatrix, international model and erotic writer. Submissives may refer to Queen Morningstar as either Goddess or Queen. All other’s interested in contacting Queen Morningstar are permitted to shorten her full royal femdom title to QM.

Now, let’s get to the fun part, who is QM and what makes her so fabulous?

QM is predominantly situated in Brighton, UK. As a baby domina, QM was fortunate enough to be taken under the wing of the late Mistress Dometria. Being taught by such an infamous Mistress inevitably gave QM a healthy hunger for all thing involving corporal punishment.

QM has been a worldwide published model for over eight years. QM knows that she’s a cut above the rest and uses her powers of beauty and seduction to her advantage in every possible situation. Give her five minutes of your time and she will have lured you into her web of beauty and power and be caning the ass off you in no time.

QM is a spiritual being and identifies herself as Pagan. She is a very gifted girl and has a supernatural power to read both people and situations with great ease. Even things which have not been discussed prior, usually QM will have a “knowing” about. Her spiritual gifts aid her with her charm and character. Within minutes of meeting her, you will feel as though she understands you like no other, as though she is fully accepting and nurturing. This, of course, could be a blessing or a curse for you. She can read and take information from you unnoticed and can use it for either good or bad.

QM is an adrenaline junky, very few ideas are too out there or weird. She has a dark sadistic humour and is always looking to scheme up the next sinister situation to place her willing victims in.

There’s much more fabulousness to say about QM, such as how highly educated she is, her previous careers which aid her in her work today and how she has a real devious streak for mind control, manipulation, psychological play and fantasy blackmail. Although, we can’t spoil you with too much sugar all at once can we? If you’re truly intrigued (which I imagine you are), you will have to book a session to find out more.