Is it weird to desire blackmail?

Is it weird or wrong to desire being blackmailed? A question I hear all too often. The question in itself, once broken down isn’t clear. When one really breaks down and examines such a question, such a fact becomes obvious. Is it weird or wrong? Weird or wrong to who? In what capacity and by whose standards? Being blackmailed, again, in what capacity? Can blackmail take on many forms and meanings? Desire. To crave, seek out, actively pursuit something. When one is actively pursuing something, is it negative or positive? If so, regardless to its nature, by whose standards is it deemed negative or positive and does that person with those standards hold the same model of life and characteristics as the person whom is desiring such? Most likely not!

So, you see, what appears on the surface level to be such a simple question poses a much deeper even ambiguous meaning. However, from being asked this question innumerable times, it has become clear to me that what the person is actually asking is; is it normal, in this current scene, that being BDSM, to desire erotic blackmail?  When the question is perceived in this form, it’s easier to decipher if its ‘normal’ by what standards of the typical population of such scene to desire blackmail. When asked in this way, we can understand that those, with an open enough mind to enjoy the fruits of BDSM, many see the benefits and positivity of blackmail. There’s a distinction which people within the scene, understand that there is a clear difference between the typical criminal blackmail and that of erotic blackmail. We all know that the typical kind of blackmail is wrong on many levels, not just criminal. This knowing of such a bad label adds to the elements of taboo and sin associated with erotic blackmail.  Whilst the social knowing of blackmail being wrong ultimately gives rise to this question and the conflict one feels when desiring such, the ‘bad’ and taboo label is also what makes erotic blackmail feel so alluring. Now, I know you’re reading this and nodding your head in agreement. It feels good to be bad sometimes doesn’t it? After all, BDSM is a form of escapism from our normal realities and therefore we strive to step as far away from the tedious nature of everyday life, deeply into the depths of taboo.

How much further into taboo can one go than handing over their own powers and right of choice to another? Becoming mentally bound and held captive to an almighty force who could and would have the capacity to crush them at any given time. To be forced into acts of sin and fetishisms in which they had not experienced before? To be extorted financially and essentially paid off to keep their mouths shut, thus concealing the subject’s secret life?

You see, now it’s clear to understand why one might desire such extremes in domination. Pure and total escapism as far from their normal life as physically possible. To be rendered a puppet on a string, a toy for another’s enjoyment without any autonomy to decline. The pressure of taboo and sin always present on their shoulders, keeping them on their toes and always actively within the scene.

Now, you see, the question isn’t really is it weird to desire blackmail? It is in fact, where do I sign up to experience such a rush of total loss of power and control. The answer is here >

Be warned though, one should only play in the realms of erotic blackmail if they’re ready to be hunted, hand over control and know that this can get very deep very quick. Again, this only adds to the rush for many.

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