The Queen of a Blackmail Colony

I haven’t written about the blackmail fetish or erotic blackmail for a while. That’s not because I haven’t been doing. Or, I’m not still as passionate about it as I’ve always been – I am.

Many people shy away from blackmail and are curious how I find something so dark and frightening so alluring. The simple answer is this; I adore the blackmail fetish because it allows me to dominate with intelligence. When the initial chase commences – it’s a game of hide and seek. A challenge of whit. Like a black widow, I lay in wait dormant. Patiently coercing and making one feel relaxed enough to forget how dangerous I am and to forget that they came to me chasing that rush of danger and fear. That slight slip of concentration is all that’s required for them to drop their guard and a little nugget of information that I’ll sink my teeth into and hunt them like a dog with. Applying constant pressure and seeking great joy in flexing my muscles and squeezing a little from time to time.

Again, many might think, this still seems like a cruel game. Why would either you or a willing victim play such a game of high risks? Again, it goes back to intelligent domination and total power exchange. Let’s put it into this context, bondage is a massive part of domination. Many crave it to feel helpless, like they cannot escape from the situation and event that will unfold, total forced power exchange. That’s exactly what blackmail is – bondage of the mind. Although, there are no ropes, chains or cuffs. Just intelligence and a whole lot of mischief are all that is needed. Once that one nugget of information is attained, that’s the first lasso of rope. Then I push deeper, forcing them into being my toy, forcing them into degrading and humiliating acts. Of course, I always get images as a constant reminder of the power I hold over them. I slowly and gradually push them so deep into sin that there’s no way out – the ropes are so tight there’s no room left to wiggle. They simply have no option but to say yes to my wild demands. They become ants within my colony, they’re nothing but a minor part of my bigger plan. Playing their designated role in the pursuit of my happiness. You see, within blackmail, blackmailed toys very quickly learn that my happiness is key to their fate – a happy Queen is a kind, fun Queen. So, if Queen says suck a TV’s dick, the ant doesn’t say “but I’m not gay” (not that that would make him gay anyhow but that’s an entire bigger topic) he instead says “yes. Would you like me to spit or swallow?”. Do you know why he’s so compliant? Because if he doesn’t behave like a good ant, he will be of no use to me in my colony. Therefore, an ant of little or no use become disposed of by the Queen. How does a Queen dispose of an ant? She banishes him from her colony. Hmm, how does this metaphor relate to blackmail and submission though? Maybe he will be pleased to leave the colony. Perhaps he might be, but he and all his possession leave too. Which means, he and all of those dirty little secrets, images and acts are tossed out into the open, on the streets for all to see.


As you can see, from reading the above, I have literally just had a conversation with myself, in my mind and typed it out. That’s how passionate about it I am – or slightly mad. I’m not sure although the first one seems like a much nicer thought. Other than reading this, you can see what fun I have with me blackmailed toys on my new page dedicated to the fun and games called “blackmailed Toys Page”. Or, you could read a previous blog I wrote about the mind space of blackmail here. Or, if you’re really brave, you could fill in your very own blackmail form and confess your sins. Start the game of hide and seek with me and see if you can avoid capture and win. Click to start here if you’re bold enough!

Now, this is last paragraph is the most important paragraph of the entire blog. I DO NOT under any circumstance or in any way shape or form blackmail anyone out of the realms of blackmail fetish. What this means is, if you come to me for a session non-related to blackmail, you will be totally safe. There are more than enough blackmail hungry slaves to keep my thirst at bay. Confidentiality within all other areas of domination are paramount to me and form part of my core fundamentals of practice.

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