Blackmailed Toys

Little subbies who have disobeyed

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Blackmailed Brown Bandit

This is Tim West, he adores blackmail and having his face sat on by big dirty shitty asses. The dirty panties he wears on his face are his wife’s -Essentially, he has aired his wife dirty laundry online – quite literally.

Tim will freak the fuck out when he sees that his degrading dirty laundry is online. There’s a real risk of exposure – what if someone stumbles upon this page? What if someone recognises him? What if his wife recognises her panties and that suspicious stain??? With all of these risks, you would imagine that Tim’s little ducky would be as dead as a dodo yet it will be leaking like a hose pipe. Struck with fear yet pulsating excitement flows throughout his entire body making him crave to go deeper and deeper into this devious game that we play.

You see, this game, it breaks him free from his boring life. He gets to play with me – a dark deadly devious perverted woman. Who wouldn’t take the risk for such a reward?! It’s an awful shame that he thought he could outrun and hide from me. A stupid move that will always end with a sting.

Jeff The Security Guard 

This is Jeff, he’s a pretend alpha security guard. I mean, a man with a micropenis that size, would you trust him with the security of anything? Aha! He is clearly nothing more than a beta, good job that he embraces it by dressing in panties and a sissy clit cage. For clarity, no, I did not dress him in this appalling outfit at the Sissy Dressing Parlour.

You see, the problem with Jeff is this. He is a beta but his little sissy clitty gets him in trouble, he attempts to tug at it and once he does, he gets a macho ego and attitude, he tried to be bold and disobey. Here is what happens to little subbies who tug and outgrow their boots.

 Joe: Who Has More Cock on His Head Than in His Pants. 

This is Joe Morgan!

Now, here’s the thing about Joe. He is by far the neediest, submissive person I have come across to date. Joe and I go back right to the beginning of my femdom journey, he was one of my very first toys. I’ve toyed with him a lot over the years. Made him eat my toenail clippings, shave bald patches into his head, shave his beard to mimic that of Hitlers. Much fun has been had with him. The sad thing is this, whilst he is very submissive he is also very selfish and disobedient. Whenever Joe finds himself a girlfriend by pretending to be an alpha, his act rubs off on his servitude too. Don’t start getting all bold with me cock boy.

  Peter the Time Thief 

This is Peter, the serial offender.

Any girl who practices blackmail and cams on AW will have come across this dude. He repeatedly wastes peoples time – claiming that he wants blackmail, giving consent then once info has been found on him, he vanishes.

Well, Peter, you timewasting little twat, this is for my time and all the other girls time you have robbed you time thief.

The paper he held up is the address of his company which is located within a business centre. I have taken the liability to email the main receptionist. I didn’t give her much information but the next time I’m feeling particularly bored and in a savage mood I might revisit that email with much more detail.