Self-reflection and Knowledge on Intoxication

Well, it’s been a little while since I last blogged. I took some time out to focus on building up my sissy parlour and self-reflecting after the loss of one of my friends and submissives. As many of you know, I myself am partial to intox and whilst this wasn’t that main factor of P’s passing. I personally felt that the intox, addictions and spiralling debt were contributory. Bearing this in mind, I felt cautious about playing in a field that I had previously enjoyed and even written articles that were published in magazines about.

So, there are a few points that I wanted to get straight about forced intoxication. Firstly, the forced element. Nothing in this game is forced. Nobody is going to hold a gun to your head and say, “sniff the rag of poppers or I’ll shoot!”. The forced or coerced aspect is part of the fantasy and roleplay.

The second aspect I most certainly felt a deep desire to clear up is the use of poppers and other substances. Now, I personally have nothing against using such substances to heighten the effects and energy of a scene. Although, I would only engage in such if I knew the submissive was actually a submissive and was using the substances for heightening. If I knew that the substances weren’t the be all and end all of the scenes.  I will not engage in scenes if I know that the substance use is a must for the session, otherwise, this is a drug addict hiding behind the mask of submission. That’s not to say I have never engaged in such, I have. It’s taken me a long time to realise and learn this. I imagine you’re thinking if they’re just addicted to the drugs and that’s why they’re having a session; why not save themselves the money and just take the substances alone? Well, because it’s easier to lie to oneself about addiction if they perceive it to be fun and if someone else is giving it to them.

So, having cleared that up. I wanted to help those who might need a little knowledge of intox. I personally feel very capable and know that I can manage an intox session safely as I have medically trained for 4 years as an adult nurse in a former career. That’s not to say that I ever administered any of the substances I’m about to discuss in my medical career, but I do know how to observe someone’s vital signs and can tell when enough is enough.


Let’s start with one of my trusty old favourites and a substance that almost everyone in the BDSM scene and wider has come across – poppers or Amyl Nitrate.

How is it taken?

Poppers come in the form of a highly flammable liquid in a typically brown bottle.

Poppers are taken in many ways, usually sniffed straight from the bottle or via a soaked cotton pad.

The more extreme ways of administration are via a non-rebreather gas mask. Or, when one wants to add in breath play, a socked cotton pad inside of a plastic bag and then placed over the head. Both of these methods are dangerous to do alone. Should you pass out unsupervised, you could die.

What does it feel like?

Sniffing poppers is fast reacting and has an incredibly short half-life of about ¾ seconds. Within a few sniffs, you will experience an intense rush pulsate throughout the entire body. The heat will accompany the rush and a thumping sensation in your head.

For most, not everyone, poppers personify sexual experiences.

What does it do to the body?

Poppers are very fast acting and the rush is short lived. Within a few seconds, your heart rate will increase as every single blood vessel within your body dilates. Because of this dilation, the blood pressure suddenly drops – giving the feeling of light-headedness.

When poppers are sniffed, the chemical attaches itself to the red blood cells, depleting it of oxygen.


The main effects of poppers on the body are.

  • Heightened temperature
  • Increased heart rate
  • Decreased blood pressure
  • Decreased oxygen saturation

Because of the above rapid effects on the body. When playing with poppers one needs to be mindful of these.

If you’re unwell and already have a fever, increasing your temperature with poppers could result in a seizure. Only take if you’re fit and well. As the temperature rises, sweat and fluid loss will naturally occur. Ensure to replace lost fluid by drinking fresh water during and after the session.

If you have a known current heart condition, sniffing poppers could affect this by putting stress on the heart with rapid heart rate and sudden drop in blood pressure. Although, having said that, previously, poppers have been used in the medical scene to treat those suffering with angina.

I personally suffer from baseline low blood pressure. On occasion, when I’ve been filming with poppers; the sudden hit and drop in already low blood pressure has made me faint. Bear this in mind.

The main precaution to look out for is blue (cyanosed) lips and the tip of the nose. This is due to low oxygen levels. As stated above, poppers attach to your blood cells and deplete oxygen. Consistent long-lasting poppers inhalation can take your oxygen level way too low. In an extreme case, hypoxia could occur if proper ventilation and overconsumption happens. Hypoxia will make you feel confused but if prolonged can cause hypoxic damage, death to cells – which is permanent.

A final note on poppers:

Poppers are relatively safe and can add a great element to a scene. Just be cautious and look out for blue lips. Don’t overdo it and make sure that the body lucky enough to be subjected to such substance is suitable to withstand such rapid effects.

Nitrous/Nitrous Oxide.

How’s it taken?

Nitrous, in recent years, has become a party drug, readily available in nightclubs sold in the form of balloons. As nitrous is so readily available, many perceive it to be safe or don’t even consider the effects it has on the body.

How does it feel?

Nitrous is laughing gas. It gives you a rush a little similar to poppers but instead of giving you an intense sexual feeling, it gives a carefree, relaxed and fun feeling.

What does it do to the body?

Nitrous oxide again binds itself to the red blood cells in the body depleting them of oxygen. The chemical component is transferred to the nerve receptors and coats them, stopping impulses of pain being transmitted, hence why nitrous oxide is used as an aesthetic. When the brain notices the lowered levels of oxygen, the heart speeds up in an attempt to regulate oxygen concentrations.

Sometimes, in people who have mild mental health issues, the use of Nitrous Oxide can temporarily exacerbate this causing confusion and paranoia. It is not known why this occurs, although, I have read many medical articles in respect of this, many suggest it is viable to think that is the chemical compound targeting certain neuroreceptors in the brain.


Firstly, if nitrous is used in conjunction with corporal punishment; one must bear in mind its medical use – aesthetic. It may be difficult to gauge pain/safe limits whilst inhaling nitrous as the substance will temporarily numb pain.

Be mindful of the chemical compound decreasing oxygen saturation levels and look out for blue lips. Leave space in between inhaling to allow for oxygen to recover before inhaling further balloons. Overuse can cause, faintness, hypoxia, numb fingers and feet.

Be aware that temporary paranoia can occur. I had a player a while ago that was fit and well. Had told me he had played with nitrous previously but when he did so in session, he suddenly became scared, agitated and unpredictable with paranoid thoughts of “I was trying to kill him”; which of course wasn’t the case.


Ethyl Chloride or Aunty Ethyl

A substance which isn’t as commonly used as the above two. Ethyl chloride comes in the form of an aerosol can and its medical use is a topical anaesthetic.

In this country, the UK, it’s quite rare to hear of people consuming it as a recreational drug. It’s generally only used within the BDSM scene here, in a controlled manner…hopefully. Although, I believe, from reports I’ve read that it’s commonly used in China and Japan recreationally.

How’s it used?

The substance is sprayed on a rag of sorts and the fumes are inhaled. Some mix breathe play in with inhalation.

No substance should EVER be inhaled directly from the aerosol. This is common knowledge. Inhaling directly can cause the lungs to freeze and instant death. I know this first hand, a boy from my school, aged 15 died from inhaling lighter gas via the canister. Don’t risk it.

What does it feel like?

Inhaling is like a mixture of poppers and nitrous. Feelings of euphoria, an intense rush and lowered inhibitions occur.

What happens to the body?

There isn’t a huge amount of research on this substance for recreational use as yet. Although, I have read medical reports suggesting that the drug works in a similar way to nitrous oxide, with both being from the same aesthetic family. Therefore, similar effects on the body occur such as lowered oxygen level, paranoia etc. The same precautions should be taken.

A final thought about all of the above substances:

Each substance mentioned above has no evidence of being or becoming psychologically or physically addictive. Many subs and dommes add other substances to an intox session, such as ketamine. I personally have little dealing with such substances and do not know enough about them to write in depth about. Although, what I do know about ket is that it is highly addictive, and use should be considered carefully.

Each substance mentioned, can be used if done in a safe way and with respect for the drug and its effects. There are very little deaths noted from any of the above. The most deaths related are to nitrous oxide and only a handful of deaths related to amyl nitrate. There have not been any deaths recorded in respect of ethyl chloride as far as I know. That could be due to the fact that it’s a relatively new used substance

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