The Underground Arts of Domination and Acceptance

Submission, many onlookers find it hard to comprehend; asking things like, why would he want to be whipped and hurt? Why would he want his cock and balls tortured? Why does he give her images to blackmail him with, is he a fool? Why would anyone want to be stripped and have their nose forced to the floor in front of a woman in a darkly lit dungeon? Why would that man want to be forced into wearing woman’s clothing and emasculating himself? Many questions are asked with an equal amount of judgment laid bare upon the person for their desires. The simple response to all of the question regardless of the kink is this, it’s part of them! They can try to bury it or deny themselves. They can attempt to mask their cravings, but they simply can not deny themselves and keep their masks on forever. Some people are naturally submissive and asking such questions and denying oneself their true desires is ultimately like asking how one can be gay or forcing themselves into a heterosexual existence all the while deeply desiring the love and touch of another from their own sex.


As with everything in life, it’s hard to understand and even harder to accept things that we, ourselves, don’t perceive as ‘normal’ in our own limited scope of experience. If we, ourselves, (by ourselves, I mean a person who doesn’t hold a particular kink) find such desires and acts difficult to comprehend, how do you think someone might feel who does desire to be strung up and whipped? When these deeply erotic thoughts consume their minds at every waking minute and play within their brains even harder whilst they sleep. When they can think of nothing other than the smell of the wooden cross, the coldness of the shackles and the electrifying strikes that bare down heavy upon their naked flesh. The instant strike of pain pulsating through their entire body like a warm erotic drug that they crave. If such feeling is born within a vanilla body – which of course they always are because nobody is born kinky, everyone is pure at birth. Albeit, many adults claim to still be ‘pure’ because their religion and stringent rules their faith enables them to be. So, say such thoughts reside within the mind of a holy man. The utter conflict and mental turmoil he will have to face in silence, for he can not confess these masked thoughts to others. Surely, he will feel wrong, disgusting, like a freak! He is none of these. We, as people just aren’t up to speed as yet. We are only just beginning to accept that people are gay so accepting and understanding that people possess these unique kinks as a part of them may or may not come in many decades. Lest to say that’s little help for our holy man scenario above. He will still be battling these desires, thoughts and guilts for decades to follow. It’s not like he can have a coming-out party for them and know that a few eyebrows might raise but the typical ethos will be accepted is it?


That’s where the brilliant open minds and hearts of a dominatrix come in. When the holy man can no longer bury the desire, the desire will, in time, force him to find and feed what he craves. He will no doubt be pulled the lure of the powerful woman who is as strong and fierce as she is caring and understanding. She holds no judgement and provides a safe space for the holy man to take off his holy clothing and mask, to strip bare and leave the pressures of his life at the door for a short while and explore the person whom he truly is. The person not confined by the expectations of others, or his position and pressures of maintaining his family. Whilst in that room, with that powerful accepting woman he is nothing but a naked flesh form who will be manoeuvred into any direction that his ruler decides him to be. He has no ego his social class or ranking are meaningless here. He is nothing but a bare body who has been lucky enough to have the cathartic release of giving up all control with total power exchange.  Men and woman since the start of mankind have been created with kink. These thoughts and desires are not newly formed fad. Just as sexuality isn’t. The only difference is, with sexuality, discrimination is rightly so illegal. Sexuality in all its glorious shades is recognised and supported on a grand scale and therefore thus educating people little by little and thankfully giving those who are of a different sexual shade the support and guidance to accept themselves. This is sadly not the case with the dark underground arts and desires of BDSM. The only saviour for these minds tormented by the inner hunger of their souls is found in domination and what a divine great pleasure it is to be able to assist these people to learn and accept themselves and their kinks.

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