Sessions with Goddess

From online to in person, there are many ways for you find satisfaction in serving Goddess.

Finance Director

I'm so good with your money. I know just how to spend it. Fine wine, delicious food, beautiful lingerie and kinky toys... hell, I even enjoy burning it just to watch the pretty flames.

You, you just waste it on nonsense in some pathetic attempt to make your life seem interesting when you know full well it would be far more satisfying to you to enrich my life and basque in the warm vicarious glow my fabulous lifestyle grants you.

Make initial contact by sending a minimum of £25 via Cashapp to £QMorningstar adding Financial Director in the payment note.

Keyholding Queen

I love nothing more than owning the keys of poor, desperate little subs who crave nothing more than putting the control of their sexual release in the mischievous hands of a powerful and manipulative Alpha Female.

Why limit yourself to Locktober when every month you could enjoy the delicious mix of torment and tease that enforced chastity brings?

Weekly keyholding service available starting at £100 for an initial week. Payment plans are available for those of you man enough to go longer and make it really good fun for me too.

A deposit of £50, payable on Cashapp to £QMorningstar is required to begin proceedings. Include 'Keyholding Queen' in the note along with your contact details.

Digital Anarchist

Ever felt like you were being watched? I'll take you down and control you, using your dependence on digital against you.

Whether it's your PC or your mobile device, I'll be in control of it using spyware and tracking software to monitor your every move.

Rifling through your secret files, saving your sensitive documents, intercepting your communications and having full access to your social media accounts... Big Sister is watching you!

To request an initial meeting, Cashapp £50 to £QMorningstar with 'Digital Anarchist' in the note along with your contact details.

Erotic Hypnotist

I have studied Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) for many years and am qualified to master level in both vocations.

Hypno play is truly one of my passions, as one sub described it, 'it's like you are marauding around freely inside my mind - and I'm powerless to stop you'.

Of course, I'm not always looking to corrupt, and often enjoy sessions where a more therapeutic, lifestyle outcome is desired...

To request an initial session, Cashapp £50 to £QMorningstar with 'Erotic Hypnotist' in the note along with your contact details.

Sin Collector

It's been burdening you hasn't it? That deep dark secret you have that you absolutely dread anyone else ever finding out about. It's such a weight on your mind isn't it?

A problem shared is a problem halved they say. Don't you think it would be good to share it with me? No I won't be shocked. Yes I've heard worse. Of COURSE I'm good with secrets...

Of COURSE I won't use it against you.

To unburden yourself, confess here

Dungeon Goddess

Trained by Dometria, I've been sessioning out of The Brigton Dungeon for many years now. It's the perfect venue to craft some weird and wonderful experiences for submissives from novice to experienced.

*Currently not taking in person session bookings due to restrictions.

Sessions start at £280 with a minimum of a 2 hour booking. Contact me politely with your request and availability.
Other areas of play Queen Morningstar enjoys and specialises in are but not limited to:
  • Sissification
    Smoking fetish
    Corporal punishment
    Slave training
    Financial domination
    Key Holding
    Fantasy and Roleplay (always within the dominant position)
    Coerced intoxication
    Erotic hypnosis
    Hypnotherapy of every kind.


  • Scat
    Anything else that Queen Morningstar decides on the day. 

*Note: Queen Morningstar is a Dominatrix and does not provide ANY form of sexual services! She is the forbidden fruit. Many desire her but none are worthy.