You may be considered to book a session with QM via the contact page. Please note, you must approach her using the correct title and write in a well constructed and polite manner. QM does NOT provide any form of sexual activities. Simply do not ask! Any deviation for these simple guidelines will result in your enquiry being ignored.

Real-time sessions with QM start from £250 PH with a minimum of a 2-hour booking.

A 50% deposit will be taken in advance to secure your time and date. Price per hour and deposit is NOT negotiable. Save yourself the embarrassment of asking. If you can’t afford the hourly tribute or deposit then you simply do not deserve to be a player within her class. Note those same day bookings are not accepted.

Online Domination.

QM offers a variety of online programs such as but not limited to:

Skype sessions starting at £50
Chastity week long torment and tease.

Get a 7-day dose of QM with teasing clips and pictures along with tasks created for the ultimate torment.

Training – either partial or full control

QM has designed programs which begin with a 4 week period but can roll over for as long as needed. Suitable for the novices looking to learn or the longstanding submissives looking for someone to take control of every aspect of their life.

Life coaching with a dominant twist. Lost, stuck in a rut, need help to achieve a goal or to beat an addiction? QM has helped countless submissives with their goals. She has the dominance to keep you on track and the nurturing caring nature to understand your needs. Life coaching is intensive with daily interaction.

Erotic Hypnosis

QM is heavily skilled in the arts of psychological play. QM is qualified, insured and accredited to diploma level in hypnotherapy and masters level in Neuro-Linguistic programming (NLP).  She is always looking for willing victims to practice her skills on. Erotic hypnosis can either be used for suggestion therapy. Thus meaning, altering one’s mindset and behaviours by implanting suggestions into the willing victim’s mind to change behaviours. Or, if the submissive has undesired behaviours that they struggle with, QM can analyse their subconscious to find the root cause of the issue and help to change the behaviour for a more favourable one.

NLP can be utilised in changing mindsets, core belief systems and values. Such powerful skills can either be used to harness and develop ones submissive side or for general therapeutic use.

QM has found herself to be particularly successful in aiding subjects with confidence and self-worth issues and addictions.

QM believes that a submissive can be the best submissive one can be not when he is broken down to nothing but when he is built up to believe in himself and his ability to serve.

Hypnosis and NLP can be done either online on in person. Rates for such is £120 PH. Therapy for therapeutic use only is the same tribute. Although, an initial online consultation is offered for the reduced sum of £50.

Extreme sissification and transformation

QM adores boys who dress as girls. She uses her in-depth knowledge of psychology and therapy training to help you not only accept your desires of feminisation but to embrace them.

QM can and will help you with hormone therapy and assist you with the full transformation. Or, if you’re just looking for a temporary drastic change, QM specialises in artist makeup and can transform you from looking like a man in a wig to an absolute beauty queen. Being a true glamour girl and model, QM is very good at training males to be more female. How to think, feel, stand, poise, and behave like a female in all aspect. QM will help you develop your sissy alter ego and train you to embrace it to the fullest.


QM is an erotic writer. She is currently a resident writer for the popular alternative magazine Darkside. If you have a concept or idea that you would like to read you can now commission QM to bring your idea to life on paper.

Online fantasy blackmail.

Need much more be said? Only for the brave! QM is ruthless and brutal in her play. She has a deep love of psychology and knows how to manipulate information out of you and use it against you.

Become a fly on the wall of my world for a day.

Being the fabulous being QM is, her life is full of high-class glamour and excitement. You may be a fly on the wall of her world and get one to one interaction, insights and exclusive images. Enquire to find out her upcoming events and the cost for such a privilege.

Want to own something QM has once loved?

You can now do so by enquiring via the contact page. QM offers trashed shoes, worn socks, stockings, gym wear and items seen within her photoshoots. You can also buy more personal items created just for you such as spit jars, toenail clippings, used makeup wipes and earbuds. Fancy something more to worship? You are permitted to request one of a kind polaroid image of QM wearing the item that she has lovingly prepared for you.

Kinks that QM enjoys the most (but not limited to):

Forced Feminization;

Coerced Intox;

Corporal Punishment of all kinds, caning, flogging, whipping, electronics;

Spit Fetish;

Smoking Fetish;

Breath Play;


Slave Training;

Slave Contracts;

Female Supremacy;



Mind Play;

Medical Play;


Hardcore roleplay – such as kidnap, interrogation (of you), sissies giving birth anything totally off the wall that has a sinister twist.


Kinks QM will NOT engage in:

Intimate worship of any kind;