Sissification. For Frilly Gratification or Erotic Humiliation?

When the kink sissification springs to mind, many instantly think of men who desire to be dressed as sluts and partake in associated activities but is that really all there is to this complex and vast kink?

From my experience, I can group this kink into three broad subtopics; frilly gratification, erotic humiliation and the bi-curious.


Frilly gratification is just that. Crossdressers who gain pleasure from dressing as a beautiful slaying queen or the polar opposite, like a baby pink frilly maid figures. Joy is gained from everything about the transformation process from male to female. Sitting in the makeup chair, relaxing to the tender warm touch of fingers and intimacy of applying makeup to the skin, feeling excited by selecting clothing, choosing hair and accessories, having their nails done etc. In short, these are the subs that pay attention to detail and their sense of detail, coordination and style could put many girls to shame. The entire pampering scene is something of which they greatly crave and enjoy. In many instances, the beauty transformation is enough. To feel feminine covered in layers of delicate fabrics and colours, allowing their shier cute alter ego a little time to come out and play is ample without the need for hardcore BDSM play to form a major part of the experience. These men typically aren’t gay or even bisexual for that matter. Their kink is in its simplest form, a love for femininity and all the wonders that come with being a female.

Frilly gratification sissies are great fun to spend time with. I always have an urge to mother these souls a little. Almost like a big sister teaching a younger sister the ropes of beauty, style and makeup. They also make great friends too, they’re like a hybrid; with enough male in them that they don’t hold some of the poor characteristics of females, like cattiness but with enough female in them to adore talking about shoes, makeup and girly topics. Some of my dearest friends are frilly gratification sissies for this exact reason and because they’re an awesome human being too of course.

Sissification for erotic humiliation. These are the sissies that gain gratification from being made, often ‘forced’ into being a cheap trashy looking attempt of being a female. They desire being stripped of their male hood and pushed into the position of a low-class trashy embarrassment, only good for performing degrading acts and amusement of his maker.

Like many female supremacists, initially, I found it hard to internalise this kink and psychological concept. Are these men turned on by the thought of playing a lesser being – a woman? Did they perceive low-class women as weak, a joke, disgusting? These thoughts truly enraged me and initially, I wanted nothing to do with the level of roleplay, other than giving them a mouthful and free kick in the nuts. Then I realised, after reading quite a few threads on FetLife and speaking with subs who desired this that it was me who was misinformed. Typically, these men respected women tremendously. Their respect for women forms part of the degrading element.

Once I flipped this mindset and began to unravel and truly understand it, I realised that these misunderstood souls simply wanted to play the role of a cheap trashy woman because they’re a man and they know that they could never pull off a convincing transformation- nor were they worthy of pulling it off. The simple sentence, ‘you’re pathetic as a man but even more pathetic in your attempt of being a woman. Look at you, with lipstick smeared around your mouth and on your teeth, with your matted flammable wig’ is enough to get those humiliation hungry cheeks blushing pink. To push it a little further, you could then make them complete tasks in their embarrassing sissy outfit. Usually whilst making fun of their micropenis, making them clean dirty floors on their knees.

Role play can get really deep with this form of sissification. It’s very easy to go too far, too hard and truly mentally break someone down out of the scene. As with all humiliation players, I find it paramount to have a good bond and open communication system. For those of you who have sessioned with me, you will know that I’m always me. I don’t walk into the torture chamber and put on this elaborate act. Although what is different, is the relationship dynamic, it’s fluid and interchangeable between scene and D/S relationship. This is because both domme and sub should feel comfortable enough to speak freely, voicing any concerns or things that may have happened and hit a sore spot. Or sweet spot for that matter. Just to give you a quick example of this, recently I was playing with a player, s/he was tied up taking the cane and I was forcing her to say, “harder daddy”. I could see that she was in physical pain, but I had no idea that my forcing those words from her mouth caused greater emotional pain than physical. I had no inkling that this lovely girl had suffered physical and sexual abuse at the hands of her father. If our bond had not been strong and fluid, perhaps s/he might not have disclosed this sensitive information to me and may have emotionally suffered in silence. Luckily this was discussed immediately after the session and appropriate aftercare was given.

The bi-curious sissies. These darling girls are those who love to dress as street hookers. They gain great sexual gratification from dressing slutty, being called sluts or whores and their main aspiration in life is to be caged little toys only ever gaining sexual gratification from having their ass used by alpha men or sucking off alpha men.

Being bi-curious isn’t the main aspect of this kink. Whilst they are cock hungry monsters for sure, there’s also a great degree of pride in serving their Goddess. Sucking dicks for her pleasure or earning her money by doing such acts. The thought of going as far as actually taking a dick in the ass for the acceptance of your Goddess is a strong point for these girls. Whilst they are sluts, there is much more to them than just clocking up their dick count. With the correct training, these girls can become some of the most dedicated, loyal sissy subs about, willing to go above and beyond.

Of course, sissification is far more complex than these three general subcategories. No one sissy is the same as the other but what does unite them and can serve as a savour to those confused sissy girls who struggle with the psychological aspect of sissification is that whilst you’re all different there are many similarities in desires and kinks.

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