The Sissy Dressing Parlour

I may have seemed a little despondent the past few weeks. Unfortunately, I haven’t been having time off, lazing in the sun or drinking cocktails on a beach. Rather I’ve been preoccupied with transforming a room above the Brighton Dungeon into a pink, classy dream space for sissies.

The room that I’ve been transforming hasn’t been an easy task. Firstly, it was full to the brim with random objects of unorganised junk and was basically being used as a junk/storage room. Once the clutter was cleared, the major work began. To put things into perspective, many would have described the room as a cold, depressing nasty space to spend any longer than an hour in and one would be sure to resurface feeling depressed.

This room hasn’t always been a depressing junk closet though. Back in 2005, when the late Mistress Dometria took on the space now known as Brighton Dungeon. This room was her main play space whilst work was going on in the basement. For many years after, the room hosted many corporal punishment sessions being the perfect whipping room due to its high ceilings. To this day, some of her whips still remain in the room, it’s their home. I’m tremendously blessed and humbled to have the opportunity to work from a room with so much history. I’m also very blessed to be able to work from Mistress Dometria’s play space. She was the lady who I gravitated towards and if it hadn’t had been for her motivation, support and teachings, I very much doubt I would be the dominatrix I am today.

Anyhow, fast forward a few weeks, the room was stripped down to a shell and rebuilt into a pink paradise. The old mix match wood chip wallpaper has been replaced with antique pink and rose gold art deco paper. The plastic windows have been replaced with glass ones and the entire space has had a fresh new face lift.

I’m currently in the process of constructing a rose and pearl wall which will be perfect for my sissy girls to be photographed in front of once I’ve transformed them into the sissy girls they desire to be.

Each and every day, the space is moving on and is a step closer to opening and each day I’m falling more and more in love with my new sissy parlour. With this room being a symbol of the fruits of my labour, love, passion and creativity. I can’t wait to reveal the finished product to you all.

So, when will you be revealing I hear you question.? Well, the Brighton Dungeon will be closed on the 13th,14th& 15th May 2019. Lots of exciting projects will be underway in the dungeon on those days, including the creation of a fabulous glory hole room. When the dungeon re-opens on the 16th, the Sissy Dressing Parlour will also have its grand opening.

I’ve already had quite a few girls who have eagerly anticipated the parlour opening and spaces are starting to become booked. You too can secure a booking within the parlour via my contact form here.

A full page dedicated to the parlour will appear here within the next few days too. I also own the website www.thesissydressingparlour.comfor trademark purposes. Although, information can be found, and contact can be made via both websites.

This is a really exciting time for me. Another string to the bow of my empire and a real treat for all sissies to utilise a space where their sissy dreams can be lived out. Over the next few weeks, you will see much more content and I’ll be showcasing my skills in dressing, training and makeup, not forgetting the major strong-hold game changer I hold of being an accredited hypnotherapist. Dynamics are changing and very soon, Brighton will be on the map known for its amazing sissy transformations, services and BDSM play. I’m looking forward to taking you all on the journey with me.

With Love,

Your Sissy Fairy God Mother

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