The Sissy Dressing Parlour

A classy pink paradise. A place to live out all of your sissy dreams within this unique purpose-designed space. The Sissy Dressing Parlour is strategically situated within the same premises as the Brighton Dungeon. The parlour combines a five-star dressing service with BDSM play all in one building. Such sissy facilities are sparse within the UK, let alone in the South East. The sissy Dressing Parlour is unique boasting a fully stocked parlour within a play space that boasts a large torture chamber, medical room, confinement cells and glory hole room. That’s without mentioning the fact that the parlour is run by Queen Morningstar, a dominatrix who boasts the specialised skills of drag art makeup, domination and accredited in hypnotherapy.

Grand Opening Spectacular!

For May and June only. Full transformation and kink play within the Sissy Dressing Parlour will be available to those who own their own wardrobe for the inclusive price of £350. Spaces are filling up fast so secure your sissy play time quickly to avoid disappointment.

A 50% deposit of the service you wish to book will be required in advance. This is non-negotiable.

The Parlour


Glam and Go: makeup only

For divas on the move...


1 hour sitting

This is a one-hour slot for the application of makeup only. No kink, no BDSM play and no dressing. This service is ideal for those divas who need the fairy Godmother’s helping hand to slay on a fun day or night out.

Partial makeup and dressing

For curious sissies...


2 hour sitting

A taster into the world of sissification. A toned-down experience of the total transformation. The session lasts 2 hours and involves makeup and dressing only, no kinky play.

Fully Fabulous Transformation

For fabulous sissies


4 hour sitting

This session is 4 hours long. You will be fully transformed into the darling sissy fantasy you desire to be. Full dress, styling, specialist makeup including lashes and nails. You will also have the opportunity to be photographed within the luxurious walls of the Sissy Dressing Parlour.

Dress & Domination

For sissies needing punishment


Min 2 hour booking

After being dressed, you will most likely be lead into the curious world of dark domination wonders. Luckily for you, the incredible fully equipt Brighton Dungeon is located in the door next to the Sissy Dressing Parlour. You can get all glammed or slutted up and nip via the private enclosed door into the dungeon for more hardcore BDSM play.

Domination can be added to any dressing service (excluding makeup only), for a reduced rate of £180 per hour of play.

Partial dressing with mild kink

For kinky sissies...


Min 2 hour booking

A partial sissy transformation with mild kinky play within the space of the Sissy Dressing Parlour

2 hours: £250
3 hours: £350

Additional hours can be added @ £100ph

Transformation and Kinky Play

Venture deeper...


4 hours session

A full fabulous transformation service lasting 4 hours with the inclusion of kinky play within the Sissy Dressing Parlour.

Sissy Hypnotherapy

Therapy for sissies and submissives


Starting at 1 hour

Sissy Hypnotherapy can either be an add on or a service by its own. Exactly what it says in the title. I am a qualified hypnotherapist and can help you either deepen your mental levels of acceptance, servitude and self-perception or can help guide you through the often-accompanying mental struggles that accompany cross-dressing and other psychological issues that come with submission and servitude.

Sissy Service Maid Day

For sissies who desire servitude


for 4 hours

After appropriate training, you will be allowed to serve me in any maid activities that I desire either within the Sissy Dressing Parlour or the Brighton Dungeon. Minimal attention and supervision will be given.

Sissy Dress and Training Day

For sissies in training


for 6 hours

This is a 6-hour day session. You will be fully transformed and gain the teachings of femininity practices, poses, mannerisms and sissy attributes.

If you’re bold enough, we can go for a light lunch together in the heart of Brighton.